HOSTEL HACKS – For a comfy hostel life!

HOSTEL HACKS – For a comfy hostel life!

After spending 5 years in hostel, I realized while you are on your own, you must know about certain hacks and tricks to make the hostel stay trouble-free. Here are a few tips to make life smoother while you live in a hostel.

Well to begin with, you must learn to be social. Having acquaintance with your batch mates, juniors and seniors can prove to be a great help. While seniors can share their experiences, your batch mates and juniors can help putting those experiences into practice. Also, who doesn’t want a helping hand with those college assignments and projects?

Secondly, remember ‘sharing is caring’. I remember borrowing food stuff for that midnight hunger, cosmetics and even clothes when I ran out of fresh clothes because who the hell had time and energy to wash that laundry. Moreover, how can one forget sharing class notes? (kahani hostel-hostel ki!) I remember how some of my batch mates used to take my notes and got the complete notebook photo copied (the rumour has it that the photo copy wale bhaiya was one of the richest people of the college).

You must always have enough money. One doesn’t know when it’s an emergency. Well, the emergency can either be the need for medicines when u fall sick, or can even be ordering food when your stomach grows loud enough to wake up your sleeping roommate.

During the very first year of hostel life I realized that there can be days when you may not get spare time to wash that huge pile of laundry. Therefore, one must keep extra pairs of essentials like undergarments, socks etc.

One must know about some useful hacks because you cannot turn a hostel room into your house. Try and keep lesser things so that your room remains clean and organised without much of an effort. Learn to use a single thing for various purposes. For instance:

·        * We have used an iron for straightening the hair and even for cooking (yes, you read that right) instant noodles, upma etc. We used to invert the iron and place it between two stacks of books so that the flat, heated part of the iron can be used as a cook top. We would then place a utensil over it to cook, Voila!  And yes, of course we used the iron for the clothes.

·        * An electric kettle was used for making tea, noodle, soups etc.

·        * The summers were unbearable and I didn’t even have a room cooler. So I used to cover the window with a wet cloth so that the wind coming in would be cool. Smart eh!

·        * While in hostel, smart phones and laptops are like the primary source of entertainment. These gadgets require battery charging every now and then. If there are only a few power sockets you may buy a ‘multi-plug’ or if the sockets are situated far from your bed, you may buy an extension cord.

·        * Wall hooks is another must. We had them pasted behind the doors, inside the cupboard and on sides of the book racks.

·       *  I had the habit of studying on bed in hostel. May be because the chair always had that mountain of clothes sitting upon it. So I bought a bed table. One may get a reasonably inexpensive one online.

Another thing I learnt was to keep my valuables (tough I had literally none) like cash, laptops, jewelry, etc in the locked cupboard. I would even lock the room when I went out.

Lastly, try and keep the room organised. This single room has all your essential stuff and therefore, you must know where to find what. Hope these simple tips and hacks that I have penned down with my experiences will help you. Have a happy hostel life.

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Shivani Vivek Singh
A law graduate with a working experience in both the private and government sector.

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