In this rapidly growing world, where everyone is so busy and there is competition at each and every level, it has become difficult to lead a happy and peaceful life.
But following the below written ways can help us lead a blissful and cheerful life.
• Most of us feel dejected and disappointed if we do not achieve what we expect. Most of the times our expectations in life are unrealistic and impractical.
‘Aspiring to be as successful as Bill Gates in just one month without having proper skills and knowledge is bound to end up in a checkmate, resulting in despair and despondency.’
So, for a happy life our expectations must be realistic.
• Another very common thing seen among people is their tendency to compare themselves with others in every aspect of life- money, education and a number of other things.
Most people today have goals in their lives not because they are passionate towards them but because they want to rise above others. This kind of attitude instils negativity in their lives.
For a joyous and chirpy life we need to have a positive attitude in our lives. Instead of comparing ourselves with others we should be thankful for what we have and try to achieve our dreams, but not in the spirit of competition.
• We often end up in clashes with our friends and family members or even strangers, which leave us disturbed and unsettled.
A conversation generally leads to disputes if one person fails to accept the point of view of others.
To avoid such clashes and disputes we must learn to make space for the perspective of others as well in a conversation.
• Many people have a habit of holding on to things which is good but can sometimes prove to be a hindrance for a joyous life. If we keep thinking of arguments that happened in our past, it will result in a gloomy present.
So, for a pleasant and happy life one must learn ‘to leave and move on’ in life.
• For a happy and peaceful life you must know yourself-your strengths and weaknesses and then take decisions accordingly.

One of the most effective ways to relieve yourself of all the anxieties and jitters in life is ‘meditation’.

Employ the above written ways in your lives and see the difference!

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Shivani Manocha
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