life is a journey cherished by few

it isn’t always about survival 

it’s about living

sometimes about the person too

situations will never make sense to you

may be one or two time

but infinity time you will be clueless

what’s the role of situation is still an undertaking

is life meant for enjoying

or is it meant for triumph

should you enjoy present

or concentrate on future

should you let go people 

or allow them to mistreat you

making efforts to make them understand is right ?

or letting them misunderstand you is better?

thinking about your parents first is right?

ot thinking about everyone else?

should you put at stake permanent things

just to enjoy temporary things?

or you should just put at stake everything you have?

hurting them for yourself is right?

hurting them for your priorities is right?

were you really meant to be left alone?

or your wrong decision made your situation so?

you reach a point

where your senses stop working

you get everything 

but stop accepting

the fear of loosing starts haunting you

the fear of leaving everything behind makes you shiver

you realize how wrong you were

but you smile

now because of the beautiful memories you gained coz of those mistakes

life isn’t complicated

life is beautiful

but misinterpretation often complicate things

peoples unawareness ruins relationship

what can you do?

you always ponder  on this question

but you get no response from your heart

not because it has no answer

but because you ignored it so much for so long

that it stopped telling you anything now

can you regain everything after certain period?

can you really make everything normal after a period of time?

will things get better with your decision to concentrate your goal?

or you will be a lonely soul?

inner voice wants to win thegoal

the real me wants to get everything it dreams

I too have the courage to begin 

may be some souls are meant to be left as it is

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Shivangi Lavaniya
I am a dreamer. The kind of girl, who keeps her head in the clouds, loves above the stars and leaves regret beneath the earth.Passionate about photography.Loves to write.A Management student.

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