I am Sorry Mother

I am Sorry Mother

She was looking at her rumpled face in the mirror
while cleaning it using a cleaner and maybe it was the cleaner which made her look in the mirror longer than every day of her life.

Maybe she was trying to recall her face, the beautiful face of her Spring, Suddenly a memory passed her mind, she was in the college in the canteen, she was not wearing a saree anymore, she was wearing a floral printed skirt with two friends beside her.

she was looking at a guy who she knew had a crush on her
and her friends laughing at random stories of him with her, which she knew would never occur, the mirror was looking clean now and she was able to see the face of her winter.

She was cooking the bread in the kitchen while wiping the sweat on her head, I just passed by the kitchen and I passed by several times but never cared to ask Mother, do you need a glass of water.
I am Sorry Mother I never asked, I am sorry I never asked.

Never she cared for another to ask her, she was again reliving a memory of her beautiful Spring years, she was just asking her mother what is in lunch? while reading Julius Caesar,
she turned a page over and her bread got burnt, the smoke in the kitchen cleared her mind and Caesar died with that last burnt bread.

I am Sorry Mother I never realized that you are a Soul before anything else anyone wants you to become.

Your love for me is the strongest bond I ever saw
If I could make you understand chemistry, even ionic bonds do not survive, even they break under pressure, but your bond becomes stronger in nature, You never gave up on me or anyone else even when they’d shout at you,

I am sorry Mother I never realized the love you had for me
I am not worthy of understanding the love you have for me
I am just lucky to have you with me

Once again she was cleaning the Mirror with that cleaner and
she was again stuck on memory lane, I shouted ‘mother’
I thought she never heard, but only the spilled cleaner on the floor and the half cleaned mirror knew what happened to her, that was the last time I shouted for her, I hope she will relive all her memories again and a flower will blossom in the spring again.

I am Sorry Mother,

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Shishank Singh
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