Life is difficult,
Who said it won’t be?
All you have to do is
Choose a path.
The worries and happiness
Are a part of life
But what remains
Is the memories you cherish.
The toils and struggles
You have been through
And what I love is
You never gave up!
People’s judgemental behaviour
The sarcastic comments
The narrow minded ones
Affected all but not you.
The fights we had and have
The secrets we share
Those extra pocket money I stole
You forgave me for all.
The bond we share
Is not only blood
But faith and trust
Played important roles.
The cord of sisterhood
You played it well
I may be weak
You made me strong.
Being the first
You fulfilled your duties
Now it’s my chance
To fulfill my duties
Years may pass by
We will be separated
However I won’t stop loving you
Even though we are miles apart.
I may have never told you
But I do love you
My emotions may not be right
Yet my love is true
Just for you.

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Sheryl Wilson Madakkai


  1. This seems to be true seeing the t
    relationship between you two. I don’t think this is an excuse to overtake her in planning your life. Anyway all the best and waiting to read the next

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