His Smile

His Smile
I miss those days when I used to see your smile,
That made my day like the perfect one.
I miss those days when I tried really hard to make you smile;
Even though my jokes were bad but still you smiled;
May be just to make me happy,
However it made you happy too.
You are the last man I want to see cry;
Yet I know I’m the first one to make you cry.
There are days when you really want to break down,
Despite that you hide your tears behind that wonderful smile;
Just so that it doesn’t make us cry.
You must have smiled and cried out of joy when I was born,
But definitely you didn’t smile when I was leaving you.
I must have accepted that I’m an adult now;
But you couldn’t accept that I’m on my own now.
For you I’m still that girl who holds your hand
And walks behind you at every path you take;
Because I was afraid to see the world,
But you raised me to be that strong girl;
Who fights for her right and herself.
However the time has changed now daddy,
Although I’ll be holding your hand,
And walking with you:
The only difference is
This time we will walk side by side,
And hand in hand
With the smile that I missed a lot.
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Sheryl Wilson Madakkai

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