Beautiful, indeed she is,

Every morning she comes ,

Clad in different hues,

Sometimes blue, sometimes green,

A subtle reflection of her mood.


Her hair, long and jet-black,

Waves in careless delight,

The wind plays hide and seek,

Gently ruffling its pride.


Her eyes, Alluring they are,

Shines like the brightest star,

A thousand dream it sees,

I fear myself loosing,

In its abysmal depth.


Her smile, so contagious,

Spreads across her face,

Like the rainbow spreading,

On a rain washed evening.

A pure radiance it displays,

Look how beautiful she is.


I steal a glance at her,

At the slightest pretext I get,

For she gives me hope,

Hope of a beautiful life.


Our eyes lock sometimes,

Only to be hastily withdrawn,

A shy smile lingers,

On both of our lips.


My heart skips a beat,

Every single time in her presence,

A pure charisma she is,

Elegant yet undecorated.


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ShashAnk VyAs

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  1. Randhir Kaur

    Undecorated,A thousand dream it sees….
    Beautiful lines…
    Well read and write dear…good one..I loved reading it.

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