My Favourite LGBT Cannons In Media

My Favourite LGBT Cannons In Media

Do you know of that stereotype of the queer community jumping up at any form of media that has anything remotely LGBTQIA+ related to it? Well, guys, I think I contribute to this very phenomenon by watching any kind of media that has anything to do with queer people. But this very aspect of my TV watching habit has led me to find some of my favourite characters in media who do a great job at representing what we are like. Some of these characters have made it to my all-time favourite list of characters, irrespective of their sexual identity and I am glad that I have watched enough to know that there is a world out there that is accepting and kind and treats us like everyday human beings. So here is my list of queer couples that I have come to enjoy my course of watching queer media.  


DISCLAIMER: There will be spoilers, don’t come at me with pitchforks, sorry. 


NOTE: This list consists of some of MY favourite characters in no particular order. So if I missed something, sorry. I’m going to be scoring the cannons based on their level of healthy communication and story arcs too. 


         1.  Kat and Adena (Kadena) 


While coming out is an essential part of the community, it’s great to have people in the media who have a story to them that is more than just coming out. While I agree that the two other women of the show had more going on for them career-wise, Kat’s story resonated with me the most, simply because her reaction to her growing attraction to women was just like mine: of simple confusion and easy acceptance. Kat is a young black woman who is sexually liberated and is surrounded by people who are extremely supportive of her. So when she realizes that she might like Adena, she never loses her self-worth (although it is a thing that happens sometimes, it isn’t necessarily a part of everyone’s journey). Instead, she is just debating over whether her feelings for her are real or temporary. There is some drama that takes place but we never lose a sense of Kat or Adena’s individuality, they are two very flawed human falling in love with each other. 

  • Story arc: 4/5
  • Communication: 3.5/5

      2. Magnus and Alec (Malec) 

A few days after completing my impulsive binge of the two available seasons of ‘Shadowhunter’, my Instagram discover was filled with memes and gifs of these two. What makes Malec so special is that in a television world filled with terrible communication, Magnus and Alec talked to each other about what was bothering them. Much like any other couple, they struggled too, but each time they found themselves in crisis they communicated and tried to work past it. They demanded respect and time and care for each other and the few glimpses we got into their relationship were truly some of the highlights of the show. 

I have to admit, season 1 was extremely abrupt with the way things panned out for them and I was left perplexed about the fandom surrounding the show, often wondering what made them stand out from the other couples I saw on screen. And then, season 2 happened and I loved every second of it. (Props to the creators of ‘Shadowhunters’ on using viewers’ feedback to further the production of the show. They really pay attention to the viewers and make amendments if necessary).


  • Story arc: 4/4
  • Communication: 4/4 


As much as I love Malec, I can’t stop cringe-laughing at how uncomfortable Harry Shum Jr (Magnus Bane) looks in this scene (oops, sorry): 


     3. Darryl and White Josh (Jarryl)


‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is hands down one the most complex comedies I’ve seen on TV. It deals with mental health in such a great way (although, the suicide attempt that was showcased in Season 3 might have been insensitive). Given the nature of the show and how almost nobody is meant to be in a relationship due to issues that they really need to work on, Darryl and White Josh (and later Paula and her husband) are the only sane people who deserve a chance at a relationship. Things for these two seemed rough, with Darryl uncomfortable about his sexuality and their awkwardness that came from their age gap and different upbringings, but they worked through their differences by standing firm for what they believed in and set rules and they were amazing while they lasted (I am counting on the show writers to do me justice, I have not taken well to their split). 


  • Story arc: 4.5/5
  • Communication: 4/5 


      3. Nomi and Amanita (Nominita)

Let’s get one thing clear: the trans representation in media is poor and with shows like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ pulling off casual transphobia, shows like Sense8 that have an extremely diverse caste and positive representation of trans lives, I can’t help but pat Netflix on the back for their contribution. I didn’t like the show as much as most stans do but I can appreciate what it is trying to do. Nomi has had it incredibly hard and just when she starts to find happiness and acceptance, she gets pulled right back into her struggles when her family orchestrates a kidnapping, and through all this the one person who fights the hardest for her and beside her is Amanita.  

  • Story arc: 3.5/5
  • Communication: 4/5 (as of S1) 


       4. Zach and Shaun (Shach)

‘Shelter’ is essentially just a coming out movie but it never gets drab or draggy or unnecessary, in fact, it avoids a lot of tropes and makes sure that you look at the characters as human beings with aspirations rather than just being the conflicted gay character. The movie might have been about Zach but I love how Shaun is always there for Zach even when he is reluctant and trying to pull away. There were times when I wished they’d just sit together and talk but that never stopped Shaun from always maintaining a level of responsibility and respect. It’s a nice little movie that makes me feel cosy, it’s got a nice and hopeful ending and I really appreciate the sensitivity in the portrayal of the story and the characters. 


  • Character Arc: 4.5/5
  • Communication: 3/5


       5) Carmilla and Laura (Hollstein)

‘Carmilla’ was a web series that never took itself too seriously, from the plot to the execution, everything was really good but also very breezy and light-hearted. There was one aspect, however, that the show and the fans took very seriously, it was the main ship a.k.a Hollstein. To me, the ship was more than just their wacky storyline and chemistry, it was two extremely flawed and impulsive girls finding comfort in each other’s differences. I had a blast watching Laura warm up to Carmilla and striking an odd friendship with her. If you haven’t watched ‘Carmilla’, watch it, it’s a gem of a web series. 

  • Story arc: 4.5/5
  • Communication: Undecided (falters from season to season)



Compiling a list of my favourite LGBT cannons was as easy as it was difficult. There are some couples that I struck out of my list because the nature of this article needed some analysing and upon doing some thinking, I realized that maybe there were some problematic aspects in the movie (I’m looking at you, The Handmaiden) but I had so much fun while doing research and finding new media that I compiled into a to-watch later list. 


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