Good Cop Bad Cop (pt1)

Good Cop Bad Cop (pt1)

27 February was an exceptionally terrible day at Police Department P district for nothing seemed to be going right for Harrison Robert. His day had begun with what seemed like an all-time low- with his barista giving him coffee with skimmed milk instead of full cream which only turned worse when his colleagues at work made fun of his name for the twelfth time that day; now he was to face the worst part of his job- Enquiry.

He looked through the glass to see an exceptionally skinny man with sunken cheekbones sitting with handcuffs in order to ensure maximum security. He looked like the type of man who’d be robbed at 3:30 while returning home with his fake ID, not the one robbing the most high profile banks in the state.

“Hey, Harrison. Or should I say, Robert?” Jim laughed at his own outrageous joke and slapped his thigh for further encouragement. If anyone were to laugh at Jim’s jokes the way Jim laughed at them maybe one would be tricked into thinking they were actually funny.

“You see Jim, this is why you have no girlfriend. Your jokes are utter shit,” Harrison felt like a child for getting so bothered by jokes that his friends cracked, what bothered him more, however, was the fact that in thirty minutes he’d have to interrogate a skinny bespectacled prick who thought too highly of himself.

“Moving on,” Jim frowned, “This skinny shit’s named Lee Freddie. He’s 23 and he attempted to rob the Park State Bank on Monday. His attempts were foiled when he smashed into the door while making a run for it. For someone so dumb, he thinks quite highly of himself, if I must say so.”

They both chuckled before looking into a few more profiles.

“Say, for somebody so frail and dumb, why hasn’t he admitted yet?” Harrison asked.

Jim rolled his eyes and groaned in response, “From the very beginning, he’s been acting like hot shit and ever since we gave him access to the lawyer he has been demanding for, he’s been acting even more snarky. He had the fucking audacity to smirk at Higgins while he was enquiring. Plus, we just need to know if he has any ties with that gang in Elves Park.”

Harrison nodded in response and continued flipping through the sheets before asking, “What made you think he’d give me a proper response anyway?”

“Oh no, we just thought it’d funny to have you do it.” Another laugh from Jim and this time it took everything he had to not smack his partner really hard.

“Fuck off.”

A few more minutes into work, Harrison felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. He looked up to see his partner with an odd smirk on his face. It was quite unsettling to see him smile that way as he knew what Jim was capable of when he’d have a case of the infamous evil smirk.

“Harrison,” Jim’s smile grew wider, “Do you want to play Good Cop, Bad Cop?”

“Man, I’m not ready for your games. My day started badly; first off, I got up late and then m”

“Save it, Robert. Look, you and I both know that this ass hole won’t fess up today, so why not just play around a bit?”


“I will cover your Saturday shift if you do this. Just go in and do the routine for once, c’mon.” That was a great offer and Harrison couldn’t deny. He’d probably take the Saturday for one of his closeted spa trips, maybe if he was feeling particularly wild, he’d finally use that 50% coupon for the pedicure and manicure. Not that Jim knew, he’d probably want to tag along if this information reached his ears.

“Fine,” Harrison grumbled and walked into the interrogation room before he could hear Jim laugh at him and make fun of his skills.

The first thing that Harrison noticed when he walked into the room was that Freddie looked much paler and more pathetic looking the more he looked at him, another irony considering he was showing off his barely non-existent muscular arms through his folded shirt sleeves. Harrison fought off the urge to laugh at the kid before seating himself across him.

“So…” Harrison began only to be cut off almost immediately.

“So,”   Freddie smirked. Harrison could feel his anger building up almost immediately. He really did want to slap that smirk right off his face but instead smiled a tight-lipped smile in hopes of doing a convincing good cop impression. This was going to be tough.

“I am Harrison Robert and I…”

“How does that fare for you, Harrison Robert?”


“Is it Harrison or is it Robert?”

If only he could fling his twig-like body across the room just this once.

“It’s inspector for you”, he responds, his smile and his self-esteem were strained at this point. “We all know what you did, Freddie so let us skip with the formalities and talk about why you are really here.”  

As he read the excruciatingly detailed piece of the document he could hear Freddie tap against the metal causing him to look up at the boy. This is difficult; can I skip the good cop part and move straight to the bad cop part where I just slap the living shit out of his ass?

“What’s that tune you’ve got there, Fred?” Freddie dropped his smirk and stared at the cop in confusion. It took him a second but he recovered quickly and donned his smug expression back in a few moments.

“Didn’t know we were on first name basis, Robbie,” Freddie retorted.

Harrison began counting sheep; in his head, he saw pixelated sheep jump from across the room. His mother taught him this trick to help him get to sleep. It never worked, but it kept him from losing his job in cases of encounters with skinny men shared a resemblance to that of a wrangled wet cloth.

“I forgot to ask you,” Harrison said through gritted teeth, “Would you like a coffee?” The only satisfaction he could receive was from his imagination that conjured up the sweet image of him flinging steaming coffee on the face of this asswipe.

“Having coffee in an interrogation room isn’t really my idea of a perfect date now, Robbie. I must tell you, I’m having a lot of fun.”

“So tell me again, how is it that you got caught again?” Cheap shot but at least it did the job of shaking the mood up.

“You’ve got eyes and a fresh set of documents. Why not just go through it?” Freddie sounded mildly agitated and this made him very happy. Just when he thought he was finally winning, Freddie spoke again, “You don’t really know what you are doing, huh?”


{the cover image has been taken from google images with slight tweaks done by me}



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