Good Cop, Bad Cop (pt 2)

Good Cop, Bad Cop (pt 2)


Harrison’s enquiry break began with him slamming into the recording room, startling Jim who was tearing into his second packet of biscuits for the day.

“What the fuck, man? My biscuits,” Jim shouted.

“Do I look like I give a shit about your biscuits, Jim? That little fucker called me Robbie,” Harrison took a deep breath and continued, “Is it okay if he somehow has an accident where he breaks his neck?”

“WHAT? No.”

“How else do you think this nation can be protected against criminals?”

“He ran into a damn window while stealing. He is probably the one who needs the protection, Harry.”

Harrison stood there staring daggers at Jim while Jim dipped his cookie into his coffee. Before he could take a bite, the soggy crumbled cookie flopped into the coffee making Jim groan in agony. “Great,” Jim said, “My day is fucking terrible. Can’t catch a break, man.”

Harrison watched as the entitled man-child continued to complain about his day before he decided he’d had enough and snatched the packet right out of his hands.
“My cookies!”             

Harrison smiled childishly at him and bit into the cookie all while staring him down. It took a moment for him to register what he’d just put in his mouth before he spat it out.

“Are those raisin oat digestives?” Harrison could feel his taste buds shrinking just with the simple thought of his friend’s sheer indecency.


“To think that you could complain about your day being bad.”

“Stop being so pissy, Robbie. You should be happy. The moment you walk into the room, you get to be the bad boy… cop.”

Harrison rolled his eyes at Jim. He needed to save his energy for Freddie in the room.

“Shouldn’t he be with his lawyer now?”

“I think the lawyer knows him well enough to trust him to shut up and not rat himself out when he isn’t there with him.”

“You know, if you conveniently forget to cover for me on Saturday, I will piss on you.”

“You know I like it kinky, babe.” Harrison’s face morphed into an expression of genuine disgust which only made Jim laugh again. He flashed Jim a middle finger before bolting out of the room.



“I’ve had enough of you,” Harrison shouted at Freddie as he stormed into the room.


“No, honestly if you don’t open up, I am going to punch you in the throat.” He sat down and fixed his glasses. He’d donned them just before starting the second part of the enquiry, hoping that it would help Freddie take him more seriously.

“Okay, so where do I start? When I was three, I saw three men in black stand outside my door…”

“Sorry to interrupt, is this related to the robbery?”


“Then get to the fucking point, meathead.” Freddie for once looked terrified of Harrison’s sudden outburst. Harrison, on the other hand, was on cloud nine. He didn’t really consider himself to the type to have a sudden outburst, but he sure as hell felt like he was a liberated man to be able o shout at Freddie.

Freddie took a minute to regain his composure and said, “You were the one who told me to open up.”

Jim and you would make such great friends.

“Look,” Harrison flung his arm and slammed his fist onto the table. He regretted it instantly as he retracted his hand and whimpered quietly. Maybe he was overdoing it with the bad cop act. His glance fell on Freddie who looked like he was having a hard time combating his urge to laugh. With a reinvigorated passion for justice and a firm scowl on his face, Harrison did what any logical person would do. He continued with the act.

Harrison took a deep breath and shouted, “Freddie, you twat! I will make sure to not let you get out of here until you confess!”

“About? This is so damn tiring; I’ve already told them everything there is to be said. A clown like you cannot change a thing.”

“Shut up! Oh god, will you please fucking shut up?” His screams echoed through the room but Harrison was past the point of feeling embarrassed anymore. His lifted his left hand in order to slap him but stopped himself just in time.

Freddie grinned, “You really are very predictable.”

Harrison, frustrated, fell into his seat and buried his head in his hand.

“I swear to God, what is your-.” The sentence started as a scream but before he knew it he could feel a hot tear roll down his cheek. He was never chosen for interrogation for a reason. Ask him to chase a thief across the country and he’d likely be successful, but this was always the most harrowing part of his task.

“Shit,” Freddie whispered. He raised his palms in defence and tried to gauge the situation, “Umm, man, just chill.”

Listening to that statement made him sob more. His single tear had quickly escalated into hard howls and Freddie looked horrified.

“God, I look so incompetent! I try to get better at this but it always ends in a disaster,” he said through his sob, “The last time I did this, I was sued.”

“I am sorry, Inspector Harrison. That sounds terrible.” Harrison could hear the panic his actions were sending him into. He covered his face again, this time, however, he smiled underneath his cover. 

The plan is working.

He wasn’t getting out of the room without his confession. He continued, “Something has to be wrong with me, right? I am an officer for God’s sake!”

All of Freddie’s edginess had disappeared to make way for an uneasy agreeableness. He nodded slowly.

“No, I can’t even get to you to say your name right!”

“But you know my name is Freddie,” the lanky boy sounded defensive.

“It could be Edwardo for all I know. God, I am a disaster.”

“I wouldn’t disagree,” Freddie smirked for a second before Harrison bust into a fresh set of tears setting Freddie back into his panicked stage.

“Which bank did you even try to rob?!” Harrison wailed.

“The bank on sector 5T, YOU KNOW IT,” Freddie screamed in response.

“Well, were you even a fucking part of the gang?!”


Harrison wiped his wet face and revealed his smile to Freddie. Freddie’s face turned white.

“No, I didn’t know that,” Harrison smiled. He watched with amusement as Freddie fumbled around with his words. Take that Jim.

“Goodness that was exhausting. I had to whip out my fake tears for you.”

Harrison stood up and pouted at Freddie to rub his victory in his face and left the room.


Jim was staring at Harrison who had a smug smile crowding his face.

“So, this means that I really do have to cover your Saturday shift?”

“And you should buy me drinks,” Harrison responded.

“That wasn’t part of the plan, Harry.”

“It now is. We are going to Toppe Bar after I wrap this up.”

“It’s Thursday tomorrow.”


“Every time you drink on a weekday, you get really funked up.”

“You know I like it kinky, babe.”

“Oh, what the hell! Toppe Bar it is!”

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