Are You Afraid of Falling into Commitments? Can This Be The Reason?

Are You Afraid of Falling into Commitments? Can This Be The Reason?

Gamophobia: The Fear of Falling into Relationships

Are you afraid of marriages? Does the word relationship irritate you and make you feel uneasy? This can be the symptom of the extreme disorder Gamophobia.

Gamophobia is the persistent, irrepressible fear of getting married. In such situations, even though the person is committed, not being single, yet the thought of marriage haunts the nights. It is not just having a chill run down the spine, but the thought of living together for lifetime itself may be the reason behind this psychological effect.

Why Does This Happen?

There may be plenty of reasons behind this disarray. The most common is the negative impact on your mind of the past experiences or observing someone else’s tough situations in a relationship. The trauma remains lifetime. Other factors may also be the genetics, heredity, anxiety attacks, etc.

How Do You Know that You May Be Suffering from Gamophobia?

The person is aware that such a feeling is unreasonable, yet controlling becomes difficult.

Negative thoughts and illusions related to relationships is common.

The person tends to avoid such topics related to love and relationships.

Shivering, crying, adrenaline rush, are the common symptoms.

Ways to Overcome the Fear:

Reading love stories and other such books having a happy ending is the best way to decrease the phobia.

Consult a counselor specializing in this field  of study. Create a good communication between your therapist and you.

Sometimes, talking to the opposite gender about this matter can be very relaxing. If you are already in love with someone, yet fear to be committed, do have a serious personal conversation related to your problem. Always be approaching during such phobic situations.

Hypnotherapy can be the most effective and serious way, if the condition turns severe.

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