Letting go

Letting go

Letting go


How Silly it is that we ended the same way we met

strangers we were then and strangers we are today.

the love traffic used to buzz up everyday


My name poped up on your screen

And,in my heart,your name 

things would have been different if my answer would have

what if,no as a answer.

No!it can never be!

  • those days things were not as they are now

Those days,my heart used to call out your name every second

those days,my pen used to bleed your name

those days,you were not as you are now

those days,i was in love .

love knocked on my heart and i asnswered in affirmative

No was never in queue


an easy way this could have been;without you.

But i was no more a normal person and by the time,i realised my feelings i had already lost my heart to you.

an illogical dance i used to dance

an irresistible poison it was!

can temptation ever be controlled?


intact are the feelings of then and now

but how cowardly have i lost,you know?

a heart no more lives,i was now used to my soul.

an idiot used to smile unknowingly with your one flash

A photograph of ours is all that is left.


my heart and mind fights against,a diluted memory is that remains

a sudden sadness engulfs me and unbalances my resistance

my mind follows not what it should follow and the things takes a turn different

love know not where to go,whether to hold on or whether to let go..


perhaps my own thoughts are more loyal than you

they see and watch me cry,scream and gasp

ruining me inch to inch

how easy it is to stop thinking of a person if a tag is eliminated?

oh!these modern tagged relationships..and my old worn love..

failed to withstand the so called modernity and i stare blankly up to the ceiling listening to old music cassettes

In the name of memories and feelings,would you please hold my heart?

in the name of forlorn love,would you take care of the bond we shaped together?

in the game of love,i have known the beautiful murder of million of innocent hearts



in the exchange of a trembling  heart and an unconscious mind they made a promise to be fine one day 

conflicts of words and the war of feelings have lead the conspiracy to a torn part

a day they waited for when these words will become just words without an extra tart


I will make you proud oh  dear heart 

That you are strong enough to let go 

Even if you continues falling apart .


-Seema Thakur

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Seema Thakur
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