Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

She wakes up early
She wakes till late
She in no condition will complain
She’ll give your dreams the much needed weight

She is tough she is inspiring
She is innocent she is sweet
She is ever so trustworthy
No matter how far she is we must oblige her with a morning greet

She will make your presence surreal
She will drive away all your fear
Her love is such indisputably unconditional
That she will not let your eyes drop a single tear

Besides all the affection she offers
We at times do take her for granted
So much so that we bother less to even talk to her
Inspite of all her care remains selflessly implanted

Everything said and done for her is way less
Avoid putting the relationship with your mom through any test
She will never turn her heels on you
Her endearment is by far the purest

Respect honour money loyalty friends
All that one urges for may be earned the hard way
What can never be earned is mom’s love, do get that straight
Love her back unconditionally before its too late

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Saurabh Gupta
I'm just another name in this rush willing to share my feelings with everyone. To express is important and that is what I've learned over time.

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