Together Forever

Together Forever

Weary days teary nights
Gone is the time with bright sunlight
Such is the fold that dark clouds bring
Everythng is there to see but still is out of sight

Expectation speculation jitters now surround
There’s no turning back with competition around
How do I get back to you is what I think
Your in my heart your in my soul to you I am bound

I don’t want to fight I don’t want to cry
I want you in peace and in my relief of sigh
Not fantasizing things that we can achieve together
Just simply wanting to foresee you and I

Amazing was the time that we spent together
Amazing would be the time if we stay together
Amazing would be the way if we travel hand in hand
And more amazing it would be if lived forever

There’s nothing more that I want to say
Ive never wished you feel this way
You’ve always been an angel and will continue to be to me
I hope I wish we are here forever to stay

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Saurabh Gupta
I'm just another name in this rush willing to share my feelings with everyone. To express is important and that is what I've learned over time.

Do support. Always open for comments and compliments.
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