Safety – Its time to Introspect

Safety – Its time to Introspect

Caring for one caring for all
If we think is not a big call
InciDents do happen unrehearsed
So let us begin with safety first

Safety is not an expression or a lesson that can be taught
Although if ignored it does hurt a lot
Are we actually safe, on this question Let us interospect
Health and Safety is for sure an important aspect

There is no stopping to unforeseen events
Avoidable they are, all it needs is for you to be the ferment
As a reform preludes a movement, it doesn’t always require one to be at the Helm
If nothing more, your act will certainly give a smile to you a smile to them

Safeguarding oneself and those close to you doesn’t require much
A little bit of awareness and a small spirited effort as such
The time is perfect for us to take the baton
Don’t be oblivious and wait for the things to automatically happen

Let us Be proactive let us be intolerant
Let us imbibe this feeling and let us complement
Let us not quaver rather raise our voice in unison
When one is safe then safe is everyone

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Saurabh Gupta
I'm just another name in this rush willing to share my feelings with everyone. To express is important and that is what I've learned over time.

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