First Love

First Love

The morning vibes the classroom jibes
The tale of our love perfectly describes
When you knew that I was looking at you
Cause your eyes were searching for me too

The breakfast preachings the professor’s teachings
Despite the rush our eyes greetings
When you knew that I was waiting to come to you
Cause that’s what you were waiting to do too

Break was the time that we eagerly looked up to
Coffee vending machine was the place to head to
When you knew what I’ll like to have to
Cause that’s what you said you liked too

Beautiful days they were that we had spend together
I now wish the time had stopped there and forever
When you knew that I used to look at you
And I knew your eyes were searching for me too

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Saurabh Gupta
I'm just another name in this rush willing to share my feelings with everyone. To express is important and that is what I've learned over time.

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