An honest expectation

An honest expectation

An honest faith I have
In the expectations that I behold
This is another phase my dear
The story is yet to unfold

Together forever are not mere words
They are the feelings that I live
For all the mistakes that may be made
Im living in the hope that you forgive

From meeting as strangers
Till talking as friends
Then loving unconditionally
All the feelings that we comprehend

Something seems missing now
Wait wait and wait all around
Itching scratchy heart all the way
Frustration irritation is all that surround

Mood swings getting worse
More control I need but don’t know how
The one who made you feel special yesterday
Is making you feel unwanted now

No matter how much I get hurt
Can’t change what my heart says
I want you in my life
And I want you in all the possible ways

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Saurabh Gupta
I'm just another name in this rush willing to share my feelings with everyone. To express is important and that is what I've learned over time.

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