The Skyscraper

The Skyscraper
Ground floor first, 
Does not permit dust. 
Onlookers are awestruck, 
But they have no luck. 
Twentieth floor up, 
As the coffee fills the cup, 
The lady works overtime, 
While others leave at nine. 
Sixtieth floor arrives. 
Stock market survives, 
Clattering pens, ringing phones, 
Such sophisticated corporate drones. 
Eightieth floor comes, 
Glitz, glamour and drums. 
The party and the pomp, 
The great alcohol swamp. 
On the lonely rooftop, 
He jumps, he is a flop. 
Not up, like the best. 
But down, to rest. 
Tells you tales, 
Of success and fails, 
Illusionary glass river, 
Best mirage ever. 
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Satvik Vatsa
I find the right words and they are simple. Love surprise endings.
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