Best 3D printing apps for android

Best 3D printing apps for android

Read recently that 3D printing has saved a life of a 5-year-old who had the rarest versions of a rare problem. Doctors used the 3D printed model of her heart and used it to understand its intricacy which made the operation successful.

It is no doubt that 3D Technology is adding another layer of revolution which functions to add nothing but convenience in our lives. Be it manufacturing or medical field, agriculture or electronics, its roots are everywhere making our lives more flexible. And now this technology is becoming more convenient for getting compact into our smartphones.

Here are some best apps which are adding the revolutionary glaze into our lives.


Developed by MakerBot.  This is the most sought search engine for the 3D printable objects, be it clothes to statues to jewelry to lampshades. This community-based service allows a user to submit their projects for everyone to see, share and even modify. Users can interact with each other and can share their experiences.

The interface of this app is very intuitive, you just have to choose a downloadable digital design from it, and then use MakerBot cloud servers to scale and slice your design layer by layer. Ones your design is ready, confirm the print on your Replicator 3D printer. If your child keeps interest in 3d technology then you can opt for soyan standard 3d pen for kids. Okay, coming back this app has too much noise which makes it difficult to find a particular design but you can filter it by “Most Makes “to helps you in finding the quality design to print.

The active and enthusiastic community and a tremendous amount of user-generated designs make this app a great hit.

This app is free and for Android users.


Have you ever tried to convert your camera clicks into 3D format? If yes, then I am pretty much sure you wouldn’t able to do it because camera clicks are not good enough for 3D printing. However, some gadgets offer some ingenious options like multi-camera or depth sensors to capture a 3D image but still, there is no easy way to do it. This is where Autodesk123D behaves as an exception.

This app is not actually for 3D printing but it helps you into very first step of 3D printing that is, it helps your phone camera to capture a 3D image by taking series of images in a ring fashion to complete a 3D image and ones you are done taking the image you can share your end result with other users as well and it can be converted into a format suitable for 3D printer software. However you need to have a lot of practice to capture 3D image, so when printing complex design this gives lots of lags and crashes.

This app is free and both Android and iOS supported.


One of the best app to save your time in designing a 3D printable image as per your need when you can simply search free STL file based on the keywords within the title or description from more than 2 million 3D models which have been indexed into this search engine to help you with your 3D printing. It allows you to explore the databases of other apps such as Thingiverse, Shapeway s,Threeding ,GrabCAD and many more.

In this app each user can select their favourite files, group them on the basis of some criteria and share with the STLfinder community.

This app is free and Android supported.


This 3 years old app helps you with the mock-up of your project to present before the manufacturers or the company that might give your design a substantial touch. You can upload your design in the CAD community, which render you to showcase your talent of creating 3D models, also allow you to hone your skills to create 3D model along with designing your portfolios as well. Moreover you can download others publicly shared files from their collections.

This app also gives you chance to grab an opportunity to connect to the company or individuals who pay to host their designs privately. Only what you have to do is send an invite to the company or the individual, and the receiver will be able to view your file with the help of built in 3D viewer.

In this app companies can host challenges where they can put up a challenge and people with this craft can take up those challenges and win prizes. This app is all about collaborating with fellow craftsman to improve their learning curve.

This app is free and Android supported.


3D model printing is gaining momentum indeed, so you will find lot of apps which will give you good printing experiences, but the above mention apps are some which have broke the ranks with other ones and have been personally experienced by professionals. These apps are compatible with all kind of printers and hence strongly recommended.

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