The God of chaos

The God of chaos

Kartik moved like a shadow, through the gates of the palace. He trained himself for his whole life to be invisible. To move like the wind and to be a shadow.

He was in the central hall in no time. He knew there was an important meeting coming up with the sunrise. He knew what he had to do. As commanded by his master.

His mind wandered back in time. He remembered a conversation he had with his master. That memory was as fresh as if it has happened just a moment ago.

“As your training is now complete, I want to tell you something Kartik,” his master said as he placed his hand on Kartik’s shoulder. “I am not just your master. I am the God of chaos. I was just like you. But when I was 20, my close friend Arjun who was also an ally to our kingdom, killed my father and took over our city. He killed the people who revolted and raped women. I escaped in time. But I pledged to take revenge one day. Vengeance took over me. I meditated and practiced in harsh conditions. As harsh as possible. To impress the Gods. After a year, the Gods replied. They asked me for what I want. I expressed a wish to which even Gods were amazed. I demanded to be a God. A God who was never heard before. I demanded to be the God of chaos. There is a God of destruction already, why did I want to be the God of chaos, they asked me. I told them my story and my wish for vengeance. And the wish was granted.”, he added.

As Kartik came to his senses after what was told, he gathered his wits to talk. “Then why didn’t you just call upon the destruction of your friend’s empire? Why did you demand to be a God? Why do you want chaos?” Kartik asked all confused.

“Same questions were asked by the Gods. I told them, I wanted to make Arjun feel, what I felt. I told them that destruction was not enough, that I wanted something more than that. If I could do this to all my enemies, I would be the supreme power. These thoughts forced me to wish this.”, his master said.

“You came to me to seek training. You wanted justice for your friend. But first, it’s time to pay my fee. Pay me with the instability of Arjun’s kingdom, take revenge. I am a God now. I am bound to not take actions on my own. But I am free to mend ways and get my work done through others. I choose you Kartik.”, the master added.

Kartik stood there, overwhelmed. He knew what to do.

As he recovered from his memory, he saw an orange tinge in the sky. Sun was about to rise. He placed a glass of water on the table after sipping some, he noticed something. As he placed the glass, he saw bubbles of air floating, and waves being formed and getting destroyed in few moments. But slowly, it got stabilized and was as calm as it was before he picked it up.

“Maybe chaos is not something which can prevail for long. After all this instability, the system is back in equilibrium. stability is what that lasts” he thought.

Coming out of his thoughts, he saw people started coming inside the hall, Kartik hid behind a table. He watched them take a sip of wine from the glasses. “their last sip” he thought. All the kingdom’s royalties laid down with froth in their mouth. All of them died. Kartik made sure that the king survived. He didn’t poison his drink. He wanted to make the king suffer. He took the king to a dungeon, killed him slowly. He knew, without the king and all the royalties, the kingdom will fall and will cause instability. He kept the king alive for some time. To show him what chaos was.

2 months later, a new king came. Stronger and wider than Arjun. He chose a new council. Kingdom was back to his powers in few months.

“I told you to create instability. How come his kingdom is in peace again? Even after you killed Arjun.” the master asked, with rage in his eyes. “I didn’t want only him dead, I wanted to see his kingdom coming down to nothing,” he added.

“I will regret to say this master, but your existence is temporary in this world. As the water in glass can be destabilized for a moment. But it regains its equilibrium after some time. All your life you craved for revenge through a process that is temporary. Chaos is temporary, stability is what prevails.” Kartik took a deep breath and continued, “Thank you for teaching me, and I am sorry, I couldn’t give you what you wanted. But I am sure you will understand this. Unlike many Gods, you chose to be temporary. You will not last forever.”

As Kartik was about to say something else, a voice came from above. “You’ve taken your vengeance, now it’s time.” As the voice faded into the clouds, Kartik saw his master getting scattered in billions of particles. His master turned to ash and flew in front of his eyes like sand.

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Sanket Jain
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