I hope you will forgive me

I hope you will forgive me

“The sky is much clearer here”, the commander said.

“Yes, yes it is sir” , I sighed.

“Oh, please! will you let it go now?”, the anger was pretty clear in his eyes. Maybe a little bit regret too, “look, we have ample space here. We can start from the beginning” he added.

The sky was actually pretty clear. Not what we were used to.
“But I miss home sir”, I said looking down.

“This is your home now” he said and left. While leaving, he screamed loud enough to scare me, “Earth can be no one’s home now”.

It was a tough journey. A tough, long and regretful journey. Our Astrophysicist worked day and night to find humanity a new home.

So, here I am, Five thousand light years away from home. My home. We were successful in creating a wormhole to travel this distance in just few seconds, successful in creating a life sustaining environment on this lifeless planet they call B-96. What a stupid name.

After polluting our sky, water, land and what not, we are here to inhibit another planet.

But it was necessary, considering what were the situations. Those dark clouds of carbon in sky, water which only gave us cancer, nature decided to take it’s revenge. From decades we went on humiliating her. Our own mother. Chocked her to death. We, the race she nurtured for so many years. Even if she loved us, she could not bear such pressure. Finally she decided to end things. To end the race as we proudly call “the most intelligent till now, the homo sapiens”

I still dream of going into a jungle or a mountain top. I hear the birds chirping, feel the cold vibes passing through my hair, trees around which go high into the endless sky. Beautiful sky. I usually dream of a brook. It’s water as clear as glass and flowing endlessly like time. That is the time I feel like I am around my mom.

But when I wake up, I find myself nearly locked in this four wall room. Two devices running 24 hours. Oh! sorry, I am not used to this. The day here is about 1.5 times the earth’s day. 12 long, lifeless hours. One device makes water and another oxygen.

Sorry mother nature. I could not save you. The whole human race could not save you. Apology is what we have to offer you now.

I hope you will forgive me. I hope you will forgive us.





Image credits – This image is from my own camera gallery.


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