There she was, standing. Blue top with white patches all over and a black pair of jeans made her look breathtaking as always. Her hair curly, and a permanent smile, as always. We exchanged a glance and she smiled, time actually stopped there for me.

She came and said “hi”. I replied “hey, what’s up? It’s been a year since we met.” “True, we should meet more often.”, She said.

We decided a coffee place to go. After all we were meeting after a year, we needed to Chuck out all the things inside our brains. Although we talked alot over phone and texts, but meeting someone in person is completely different.

“Damn, she looks beautiful. Should I tell her? Maybe it’s too early.”, I thought. As we sat in the chairs of that coffee shop. Not too crowded, light music and adequate lighting. Perfect for people to meet.

First things first. It was going to be my treat as day before that day was my birthday. I ordered two frappes and came back.

Here I had a closer look of her. A little mascara added to her beauty. The glow on her face told that she was genuinely happy.

We had a long conversation. Really long. We were in a whole different realm. While sipping our coffee we shared many things.

I must admit, sometimes in between I stopped listening. When she started laughing while telling a funny story and would cover her face with hands, I couldn’t listen her. I could not understand her. I just knew a melodious voice was entering my ears. How her head would move closer to the table between us, slightly closer to me. I just smiled. That smile was unintentional.

She would adjust her curly hair and put them behind her ear. The sound of her laughing at my jokes is something I can never forget. I can hear it when I close my eyes and replay the incident in my head.

I could always feel her presence while we texted but meeting her pushes me in a different aura.

It was time for us to leave. She took a seat in her cab. We said goodbye to each other. I turned my back and started moving. Something strange was pulling me backwards. I turned around, hoping she must be looking at me. But instead, she was looking at her phone. I really hoped she would raise her head and wave off with a smile with a last glance. But that didn’t happen. Sometimes what we want doesn’t happen. Trust me, today’s goodbye was one of the hardest for me.

No one can take away this day for me. Not even she.

Thank you for this day.

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