( The room is dark. Bill and Jack are trying to break open the locker.) ( Jack switches on the torch)
JACK- Thanks to my wonderful planning, now that I have cut the power of the entire street, we don’t have to fear the burglar alarm.

BILL- Good job mate.

( Suddenly the door opens. Spender and Wood arrive home, on hearing the sound, Jack switches off the torch light.)

WOOD- I think Primrose forgot to light the candles in the room.

SPENDER- Let me call him right away.

( Suddenly Bill sneezes.)

WOOD- What was that sound?? Primrose, is it you??

JACK- I’ll leave at once before they know that even I am here. Do not worry, I will come for you.

BILL- Okay, I am trusting you on this. If you don’t come for me, I will tip the police about your whereabouts.

( With a low grunt, Jack escapes through the window.)

(Primrose enters with the torchlight.) PRIMROSE- What is it sir?? I heard you screaming.

( The three of them see Bill and gasps in shock.)

SPENDER- How in the world did you break in??

( Bill tries to run away. But Primrose and Wood effectively block his way.) PRIMROSE- Sir, let me call the Scotland Yard right away. WOOD- You better hurry.

( Primrose exits; Spender and Wood tie him up.)

WOOD- Do you think the power cut is only for us??

SPENDER- Then why do you think we came back home?? Didn’t you notice, the whole street is as dark as a cave. WOOD- It wouldn’t hurt to double check, would it?( He opens the curtain and looks outside.) The whole street’s out. ( He closes the curtain.)

(Spender rolls his eyes.)

SPENDER- Check if the stars are still there, or has the power cut taken them down too.

( He opens the curtain again.)

WOOD- Surprisingly, it is still there.

( Closes the curtain.)

BILL- Blimey mate, I thought you were the sharpest of the two.

( Chuckles.) (Suddenly there is a knock on the front door.)

WOOD- I will get that, while you keep an eye on this extuse of a man.(He exits.) (He enters with Jack, thinking he is a police.)Look who was there at the front door!

JACK- Good evening sir, I am from the police department. I have come to inform that the power will be back in an hour or so, I suggest you to stay indoors for your safety.

SPENDER- Where is your uniform officer??

JACK- I was off duty when the department rung me up. So I came as soon as I could.

WOOD- Very well then officer, we have another case for you here! This man here had such nerves to break into our house. We would like to file a complaint against him for attempted theft.

SPENDER- Thank God, for our timely return.

JACK- Let me be right on my way and put him behind bars.

(Jack is very anxious to leave and couldn’t wait to be out of there.)

( There is a knock on the door and Primrose attends it.)

(Enter Primrose and Mr. Cuthbert.)

MR.CUTHBERT- Well, well, well, if it isn’t the most wanted criminals in town, Jack and Bill! When the police department was tipped off, of your whereabouts, I thought you would’ve escaped by now, but here you are caught red-handed!

SPENDER- What?? Jack and Bill? Isn’t he one of your guys??

( Jack face palms)

(Cuthbert blinks in confusion)

MR.CUTHBERT- I..I.. think I might h..have mistaken him for Jack, the thief. As you said, he i..is one o..of our people.

( Spender gazed suspiciously at all three of them.)

( The door knocks again and Primrose quietly takes his leave.)

WOOD- Am I missing something here??

SPENDER- Well we all are!!

(Jack and Cuthbert exchange furtive glance at each other.)

( Enter Primrose with the Scotland Yard detectives.)

SPENDER-Who do we have now? Another burglar perhaps!

SCOTLAND YARD DETECTIVES- We are from the Scotland Yard and we were informed of a burglary by your butler Mr. Primrose.

WOOD- Well,we also have another case for you, a case of mistaken identity!!

DETECTIVES- It so happens that, the three of them have been accomplices from the very beginning.

WOOD- Well I didn’t see this coming!

SPENDER- How is it that you came at the right time?

MR.CUTHBERT- You see, the curtains were opened twice and that was my cue to come for their rescue.

JACK- Stop talking you fool, you have said enough.

CUTHBERT- I was just doing my part.

DETECTIVES- I think you have all done your parts well, now let us get going.

PRIMROSE- Let me show you to the door detectives.

SPENDER- I think we had enough entertainment for tonight. (Power comes back again)

WOOD- Right on time!! 


  • THE END.
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