Do you know those peoples who used to say all these following shits to you .Do you know them?
who says you’re not perfect
who says you’re not independent
who says you’re not beautiful
who says you can’t get success in your life
who says you’re useless
who says you’ve not perfect body
who says you can’t make good decisions
who says you’re chubby
who says you’ve scars
who says you got bruises
who says you’re not strong
who says you’re not the best
Now, do you got any answer about who are those or Is there anything like you have forgotten them? After believing on what they have said to you and leaving behind those impacts or scars in your life.

See, they are just temporary peoples in your life who are not going to be with you throughout your life.Their main intention is to discourage you and after discouraging they disappear.

And what you do is?

You trust them right?
You start hating yourself,you start comparing yourself with others and tries to be like them.
And when these things don’t work you start being jealous of them.

Am I right?
Yes? OR maybe No? OR maybe sometimes it happens.

Listen you GIRL
You’re perfect the way you’re.
It’s okay if you are not like others, I mean Gosh! what will happen if everyone would be same. There won’t be any variety.
It’s okay because you are a human and you have problems.That’s how you grow.
But there isn’t anything like that you hurt yourself or blame yourself for not to be like others.
You’re absolutely amazing .Trust me!
You define yourself , you can make a change.

So, just be thankful for what you have and for what you are!
Stay happy always.

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sakshi mehta
cold heart

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