Hunt-Rent-Repeat, Ladies !

Hunt-Rent-Repeat, Ladies !

As an old saying quotes- “the hunt is like a dance for men, for the women the dance is the hunt “, it holds true till date and literally. While men may still find an accommodation for them but for our fierce ladies out there, it’s a sensitive project where security breaches do not hold any chances. While the world is running to work to their best , everyone deserves a place to attain peace for the day. A place that feels like home away from home. Especially in the hustle bustle of the brightly lit metropolitans you need to slip under soft lights of your comfort. A place you can freely roam around in your pj’s with your favorite meal in hand and watch the TV series you have been longing for when stuck in the meetings all day at office. This place is your escape to all the nonsense from the day and you better own it because you have worked too hard to be able to afford and the times it will return you in memories will be priceless.

Running place to place can hit your health, budget and mind heftily and cutting this chase is paramount. Since, its this important to find a good place to reside in its equally tiring to do so. So, to ease out this pain we can opt for some smart steps because this effort will go a long way. A few handy tips are simplified here for you-

  1. We are in the age of Start-ups: put this phenomenon into use and explore their range from utility and functionality. Renting these days is not limited only to a few big giants or local dealers whereas the newbies are doing excellent. Since, every start-up strives to make a mark they offer great services in this lieu and you would not have to worry about the furniture, necessary kitchen equipments, WiFi and other such facilities or they can offer you referral discounts with every member you move in with. Also, making a selection during certain periods can discount your initial rent payments, thus, easing you in a great way. To make you feel at home they would also surprise you with additional services coming free, cash-backs ,sending sweets for festivals or arranging in-house activities. They are offering refreshing concepts to make you a part of their growing family. Broaden your spectrum and check for such companies because since they are catered by youth they understand the new requirements aptly. Few of them tried,tested and broker free are- Nestaway , Quicker , Grabhouse , Ziffy Homes , Square Plums , CoHo Stayz , Wudstay,etc. You can check one for your city and head to a comfortable space.


  1. Perks of being in the Digital Age: you scroll down all day along the pages of your favorite e-commerce to find the best option for you so why shy away while renting. Check out the websites that help you enlist places like shopping. They have as many options and as many specifications in your mind to choose from. Its a simple 3-step process -Go to the websites , punch all the requirements and get your results. A few of them also offer you a visual tour of the house and the locality so that you can alter your go-to-list accordingly. Some of the ready options are- , ,, quicker, olx, trovit,,

    digital perks

  1. Spill money if there is loads: the easiest and the most convenient option is a Broker. If you can dispense some extra bucks well you are way to go easily. You can readily find a broker for yourself through friends or web (magicbricks, 99 acres, olx, quicker) and the job is done. You can also establish common brokers on all sites by simply surfing and analyzing people who are holding majority of the properties in an area for rent. Check if you can bargain with the brokerage too as some of them are good to go with only 15-20 days of rent worth brokerage. Also, you can negotiate over the rent as the Indian marketing strategies are a big hit at such places.

    money spend


  1. Take a walk around: if you have just been leaving from home to office and dropping off similarly or just going to the nearest store, its time to move a leg a bit. This will be helpful if you are trying to find a place nearby. Get your walking shoes on one day and look for places marked TO-LET. Few shopkeepers and security guards in the area seem to know the vacancy status of the places. So, move and ask around because this is will ease out your pain, help check the nearby utilities to the new area, see the people living along, refresh your day by walking and leave a few people with smiles. This will also pour in ideas of how people have modified places in case they did not find the place they wanted. After all, the house comes to those who walk their way to it !

    bunny running

  1. Facebook before internet: its the second best pool to find anything you need. Many cities have dedicated Facebook pages for renting/buying houses as well as stuff needed in the houses. The popular ones of them being- Flat and Flatmates (Delhi/Noida/Bangalore/Hyderabad/Mumbai Chapters) , Renting and Buying, etc. These are particularly convenient for individual seekers looking for an already setup place/flatmates or owners posting about their places ready to be rent. On such pages people also list the place they are vacating completely and if you are not an avid scroller you just post your complete requirements and anyone having a vacancy can contact you at a click on your phone. These are closed groups which means they allow either members or group admin to add further members so that your security is not compromised anyhow. The advantage here lies in the fact that if you are not willing to shell out money to the broker , you will be able to connect to the owner directly or with a few clicks check the Facebook profiles of theirs which a major screening method these days. So, post freely and get reverts concurrently. The pages are secure and optimized for genuine seekers so no issues for the ladies too.


  1. Spread the word: unless the hunt is not a secret spread the word about your search in your groups and circles because your friends or friends of friends might be knowing a place or two or moving out of the places where house help and other utilities can be assured. This can also get you flatmates if you need and few furnishings too if people are willing to sell their stuff before vacating the place. Its a win-win if luck chooses to shine on you those days. This also helps you meet the hitches, if any, of the place where you can get them repaired by speaking to the owner beforehand.


  1. Have your list & Make your calculations: build a list of your requirements clearly and know your budget in advance. Do a little research in advance and make an estimate to see how much your requirements cost you. Be sure to weigh all of them as the range is vivid these days. From Unfurnished to Fully-furnished, pet-friendly or restricted places, vegetarians-only inlets to no-restrictions at all, security enforced high-rise or garden surrounded low-rises,if you are blessed with options explore and enlist. Also, check how would you like to invest in the new place- less rent and one time furnishings or rent covering all your needs. Know your optional requirements too which you can sabotage against the mandatory ones. Like, more bedrooms and less toilets would do or everybody needs their single set.

    requirement mapping

  1. Your Bai knows it all: trust her as she has all the locality whereabouts of people as well as their places. Since she works around your colony and inter-colonies too she keeps a track of vacancies, charges and facilities. So, you can gather something from this bee and stock your sweet.



We hope you find these tips will gift you a sense of ease during harsh weathers or peak seasons.

And most importantly, stay calm and rent sharp.

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