Today I was on the manali tour with one of my true friend..  we were very excited as it was our first trip to manali… Our plane landed to delhi airport as we had a lot of time so we decided to go dominos… After that we went for kfc and enjoy the taste of chicken fully . We had some cards which provided us the five times free of cost foods in kfc and dominos. We traveled the most of places in Delhi walked on road worry free and seemed that whole the world is so beautiful. And from there we went to our destination by bus. Now in a few hours we were on our destined place… We had booked five star hotel free of cost as we had some offer on hotel also.We stay n rest there for few hours… Then we decided to start our trip of manali. We called hotel boy to call a luxury car and a guide to travel the place, put on headphone and listening music and seeing outside car window. Believe me it was such a pleasant feeling that it can not be buy with money.we were deeply lost in nature’s lap . We came out of car and saw the scene. That was amazing, the cloud was so white and the whole mountains were seeming to be completely dipped into them, air was slowly slowly moving and it seemed that they were just singing in our ears… We were so happy and excited.We got back to our hotel, and the next moment i was just going to sleep but suddenly i saw the whole scene from out window, the whole city was filled with white cloud foams and smoke, a lot of tourists were there enjoying this moment and the some birds were flying.Their voice was adding some extra pleasant and sweet flavor to the nature and this most gorjoutic look with rising sun.The drop of sun rays were coming to our window by piercing the smoky and foamy clouds. These all phenomena were looking very clearly, i was watching all this.My mind was saying to stay here for ever. I wanted to lost in these heaven like place but suddenly my eye opened and saw the ceiling fan in my room then came to know that it was a dream.



2nd DAY… 

 In the next moment When I closed my eyes we were back at our trip…. I was just looking outside the window and thinking about to stay here forever. I was completely lost in beauty of nature, which was very attractive, i was so busy in it that I didn’t get listen to my phone which was ringing for long time…. My friend broke my concentration, n i pickup the call. It was Brijesh… One of my best friend, hey! How r u? I asked him…talked each other for some time then I told  him about  this trip  and wished him best of luck for for exams. I took my bath  in such heaven like place and was ready for breakfast…the hotel boy delivered some fruits, dry fruits, bread and milk to our room…. And demand for tip, both of us saw at him very innocently and my friend gave him his chewing gum as tip, hotel boy returned staring at us, we giggled and sit together for our breakfast and was talking about some plan that we were going to start very soon, felt fresh in such climate. 

 He told that he had talked to company manager and in a few days we will get agreement papers for our work, finished our breakfast and decided to go outside for movie. The hotel boy booked our ticket in pvr cinema for the platinum seat, the show was to be start at 11:00 am, for sometime we were talking to speed and reached there 15 minutes before the show timing by the Royal car, I told the driver to go return and we would like to reach hotel in evening.

 The movie BAHUBALI THE CONCLUSION was fantastic, It was emotional as well as energetic movie. 

 The movie hall was full with people’s hooting and there was a different excitation on everyone’s face… May be they all wanted some answer in movie, we enjoyed it fully, We were moving onfoot on road , It was fantastic weather outside, the climate was quite cool and.. It was awesome feeling as there was a different charming silence in air…

 Suddenly I heard noise of my roommates fighting for toothpaste, now I was back out of dream.





 It was a crowd of tourists from different countries over there… Nearly all the shops were filled with crowd, we went in a watch showroom, the shop manager specially welcomed us and asked if he can provide any service to us…. We demanded for an expensive royal type wrist watch for girl…. He showed some antique piece of watch whose cost was near about 65k…. I told roshan to pack it for SAM. we both agreed…and packed the watche nd pay the bill through credit card… We told them to parcel the packed things at our hotel address…. And we moved on…. 

 It was 6 pm in the evening…. We were on our way at some distance from hotel… It was some darkness and solar street light was glowing…. A group of people were singing in such a heaven like green valley mountains with their instruments, their singing style introduced that they belong to China…. 

They were making this trip fantastic and remarkable…. 

 Their songs were echoing in all those valley and it seemed that the milky foamy clouds, mountains, cool climate, charming birds they all were dancing….. A different type of fragrance was there in environment… A fragrance of freedom, happiness, honesty, truthfulness, was over there…. It was inspiring us and making a true smile on every face who was there… 

This was the life…. 





 I was thinking about this story and after some time I was  there staring at the mountains surprisengly… Roshan told me that its beautiful, they were looking more attractive in these moonlights, it seems that moon  and the green valley were in love  with each other and the moonlight was busy in coating a thin silver layer on mountains. This chemistry of both moon and beautiful mountains made everything around themselve to fall in love, I grinned as it made me to think about someone. Roshan suddenly disturb me and told that we reached hotel, It was quite amazing,When we reached hotel while talking and looking all these beautiful things we don’t know.These beauty were holding us,It seems that our steps were not moving forward like our eyes was saying to stare these things, moon, mountains all the day but , forcibly we went inside and ask at the reception if there any parcel by my name,the reception girl checked and told to deliver in my room along with two coffee that I had ordered  and after  some time, we got it. 

 It was 7:00pm,We were planning to start our adventurous trip from tomorrow. 

 Roshan got busy with his laptop and I went to sit on the window  with a cup of hot coffee in my hand,putting headphone over my ears and started music.

“Life goes on” and seeing outside.

 The weather was some windy and cool,It was the most beautiful moment that I really wanted from always. I saw 


The soft silky moon rays   

kissing the milky mount in own ways 

Making the pinky flowers shying 

Keeping the sympathy on people’s crying


 The  lovebirds were dipped in each other,enjoying each drop of this moon ray like nector. They were  completely lost  in them.

 The sky were shining like a lot of pearl due to stars, It was the most beautiful night  that I had ever seen in my life. It seems that the moon was saying that the world is so beautiful,Only U have to change  the gogles  of your view, I got slept near the window and found myself between four guys in my hostel room.






 Today I gone to my bed soon.. As I had to go on my adventurous trip with my friend.

 We woke up at 5 am, The morning was very cool and slowy silent wind was touching our bodies and we got shivered.

 Morning started with charming voice of beautiful birds flying in the sky, after completing our jogging and yoga in the ground, We got freshed and fill up ourselves with was 7:00 am and we called hotel boy to arrange a guide.He made it, we moved towards the hilly regions.

 A lot of people were  already enjoying. We joined this adventurous world and choose  for river rafting, we were 5 people’s group. First it made me frightened but believe me this made me to overcome all my fears and we got a lot of  fun while  doing this.. Moving ups and downs on the waves were making to feel something something in me. 

 After that we tried skiing, paragliding, trekking and so on, what a amazing moment it was.. 


      Moving on bikes 

      With a lot of fears, 

      Talking to sky 

      With excitation and dares 

but even we had guts to do this bcoz we wanted to do this by heart, just for ourselves and we made it. It was 5 pm in evening, clicked some beautiful photographs of supermighty creation. 

 There was nothing like individual’s religion or caste. There was only one religion i.e humanity and one caste i.e equality.

 May be it was because Everyone was unknown from each other so they don’t know their caste or religion or may be it was some  natural power which was uniting all these to one, there was a true smile and a shine  on every face which showed that they all were happy. The scene around us was very beautiful, so quite, so pure. I got wake up in my real world and feel regret as I am still unfamiliar to this place… 







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Rohit Gupta

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