first love

first love

Everyone has their own definition of love .
some say its like bubbles,while some say its like fire.
some say its a road full of thorns, while some say its like walking on roses .
some say it gives meaning to your life ,while some say it takes the life out of you.
But for me it appeared to be a roller coaster ride ,
full of emotion that i can not hide.
I did experienced the bubble by the touch of his hand,
fire in that passionate kiss,
thorns in that ugly fight ,that kept me up all night,
roses in that kiddish pampering ,
life in your arms and no life when it all ended.

Today here i am cherishing that feeling ,
the feeling of my fist love .
looking back now i only see the bubble, roses and life
because everything has to end some day but it will always leave its best with u .

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Riya Kejriwal
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