God has created an enormous world with so many beautiful and splendid species and objects in it. You and I are one of them. We have got that one super breath on which we are surviving. Aren’t we lucky? Aren’t we special? Aren’t our lives worth loving?

Earth has plethora of everything.There are high, craggy and jagged mountains. Climb them as if you are climbing the stairs of your success and reach at its peak. See the wondrous world and feel as if you are on the top of the world. Shout out loud as if you have gone bonkers. I am sure you will be in seventh state.

Rejoice the fresh, soft and pleasant air blowing and feel the magic in the air. Roll yourself in that air and flee . You will know how beautiful life is!

Listen to the music and the rhythm of the soothing rain. Cherish the moments you spent with your beloved in that pleasing rain. Remember the song you sang for your lover and your lover sang for you. You will feel your life as cool as rain and as rhythmical as the music of the rain.

Walk in through the green and deep forests. Birds chirping in the forest seems as if you are listening to the melodious song in deep silence. A small pond in the wild forest seems as if something lost is found. It gives a ray of optimism. The canopy formed by the trees seems as if there are deep secrets hidden in the gloom. Just walk and walk and reach in your own La La Land. You will realise how important your life is!

And of course

The life becomes as colourful as flowers in the garden, as bright as a sun, as cheerful as a glass of whisky with the friends. Friends make your life as beautiful as a colourful painting. They bring each and every colour to your life. Making you laugh, making you cry, making you do idiotic and crazy things- all are gifted by your friends.

Go and explore out with your friends.

Be adventurous.

Enjoy every moment of your life as if it is your last moment.

Live your life on your own terms and conditions.

Live the life you love and love the life you live.

Love your life and your life will love you.


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Riya Gupta

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