M a gal, lucky gal..

Who has everything,

A gal with some attitude,

A gal with a naughty mood…

Want to fly, Want to show,

The one’s who guess I’m low…

I’m pearl for my mom,

and princess for my dad…

The world will see,

that the proud can not only be with a lad..

M a gal with some confusion,

This is your illusion…

I’m just all clear.

What All I want is a dear.

Don’t guess me weak,

I am not a geek….

But yes,I’m certainly a gal.

With my charm.

Which can never let anybody harm .

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ritu arora
an ardent writer who festoons writing with the jewels of imagination.
Know more at:http://aroraritu1992.wixsite.com/ritu-portfolio
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