Back to my Childhood

Back to my Childhood

His pretty smile and his awesome suit..

He was looking quite cute,

As I handled him with too much care..

I wanted to go back in my childhood .

Yes, I’m here , I’m too close..

My heart is still a child to grow.

But they said ‘Omg!! We don’t believe you are in school.’..

Size matters not the suit.

‘You are so tall,your face is big

Not so small , you are so thick’

They said those words without shy…

But still I wondered lollipop lick.

‘You are genious , you can grow yourself 

If I misbehave you can understand it well’

I asked ,”Why, Am I not a child??”

You always thought I’ve already grown…wild.

I wanna go back to my childhood …

With different size and different suit.,

As if no one can treat me like that,

May be I would be a cute loop.




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Ria Mishra
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