Meet the One-Eyed kitten that loves to Surf in the Beaches of Hawaii

Meet the One-Eyed kitten that loves to Surf in the Beaches of Hawaii

This is a real life story of a one-eyed cat from Hawaii which has become a surfing sensation online. Thanks to Krista Littleton and Alex Gomez who adopted this kitten when it was 3 months old abandoned on the streets. When they first met him through a non-profit organization named Catfriends, he was just 3 months old. He was completely under nourished and had a serious infection which led to one of his eyes being removed.

Hawaii Cat

Kuli checking out the Beach

They named him Kuli which is short for Nanakuli: an island in Hawaii. Kuli also means to look blind. Since it was very weak, it took around a month for recovery.

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Once it is fully recovered, they trained him to walk on a leash and slowly took him out for a walk in the community.

learn to surf

Surfing with Kuli

As time passed, they also taught it how to swim. Unlike most cats who are afraid of water, Kuli enjoyed being in the water.


Then they introduced him to the surf board with a life jacket. Kuli was able to learn fast and the rest is history.

nanakuli surfing hawaii

Kuli has got over 50000 followers in Instagram and the number is growing daily. If you are in instagram and love cats, then don’t forget to follow him to learn about his adventures.

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This kitten has inspired the life of millions around the world with it’s success story and will continue to do so. A lot of credit also goes to it’s caretakers Krista Littleton and Alex Gomez who have done a lot to bring life and fun to Kuli’s life. One of them being a photographer also helped in the instagram popularity. Let’s hope more cats around world takes cue from nanakuli from Hawaii and takes up surfing 🙂

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