5 Easy to use IDE plugins for Angular JS developers

5 Easy to use IDE plugins for Angular JS developers

If you are planning to start with Angular JS for developing web apps, then you need to be using a good IDE. You can’t develop a complicated web apps using normal text editors. To make your job easier, I’m listing down few of the best

  1. AngularJS WebStorm Plugin


Webstorm is a standard IDE for html and css. It support javacsript too. Their latest version provides full support for Angular JS. If you’re using a older version, you need to get the Angular JS plugin for Webstorm.

Download Webstorm

2. AngularJS Sublime Plugin


Sublime; the second most popular text editor after notepad. Sublime is successful because it can adapt to any kind of programming interface you use it with.

Download Sublime

3. AngularJS Eclipse Plugin

eclipse plugin for angular

There is a special plugin with Eclipse with which you can develop complex Angular apps in Eclipse. You need to download Angular Eclipse which you can find in the Angular Marketplace.

Download Angular Eclipse

4. AngularJS ATOM Plugin

Angular Atom

Atom one of the best and simple IDE from Github now supports Angular JS. You can download the package Angular JS atom from Github. Once installed it even supports auto-complete for Angular JS commands and functions.

Download AngularJS Atom

5. AngularJS Visual Studio Extension

angular js visual studio

If you’re a fan of Microsoft Visual Studio then this is a treat for you. You can develop Angular applications in Visual Studio by installing Sidewaffle plugin. Once installed Visual Studio becomes a full fledged ide for Angular JS programming.

Download Sidewaffle

There are few more IDE plugins too which you can use, but these are my favorites. Let me know if I’ve missed anything. Also share your experience about the IDE’s you have used for Angular JS.


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