There is a sound; of a certain kind.

Permeating all space. A traveler’s humming.

A low whistle-like, melancholic.

Or akin the hum of a great engine.


It’s more a song than a sound.

As if, a far forgotten home,calls.

Incessant, it gives a backdrop of notes,

To the bleak darkness of space.

What hears one, the others hears not.

For the sound,is not a song, heard by all the same.

Instead, it speaks, not in words but through feelings.

For each, it brings a different message.


In the midst of fervent activity,

It summons the mind to listen.

For in space, one must learn to take,

The guidance from the ever-present singer.


The same sound, I heard in the womb.

Heard it,in passionate exercise of love.

Unmistakably, it was there, around my death-bed

A friendship forged in infinity.

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I am a thinker.I hope to inspire people to turn their attention from the gross reality of world to the dimensions of the multicolored intellect.

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