In the wrong place

In the wrong place

I stepped into a new world with a bag full of dreams,fantasies.I put on my favorite kurta which amma gifted me.  Actually it is my first day at college. The thought of making new friends excited me. Soon I stepped into this new world I met some strange eyes giving me strange looks . 

“Look at her she’s so fat and dark”.

“Bro don’t forget to checkout her fatty thighs and chubby face”.

“god! she’s so curvy lemme checkout her”

what a great welcome it was,some were mocking at me,some whistle whenever I pass through the corridor. I was trying to run as fast I could trying to escape from the harsh reality. What were they trying to prove me with their cruel words?. This trauma continued daily. 

I just walked off bending my head low avoiding eye contact with others. Soon I sat in a corner and took out my diary to write.

“where have I landed?” – asked my inner self

A place where where were fair means very educated?

A place were skinny, fatty are not allowed to exist.

A place who is not sure with it’s own definition of beauty.

A place where every next girl cries secretly.

A place where my intellect is measured by my length of clothes.

A place where branded clothes take authority.

A place where I need to express myself secretly through a poetry.

A place whose ideal address is 36-24-36.This place was never of my dreams.This  place holds the reason of my every scream.

I can’t give up. I was taught to be tough. These people tried their best to make me feel vulnerable. This is definitely not what I deserve.  Will wait for the day until my individually gets recognized .  I don’t need to get in shape, They need to shape their mind. until then?? let them call me FAT but I believe myself to be PHAT.

and I again stepped in the place holding my head high .

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