Way to protect our environment

Way to protect our environment

Lately, I have been reading news regarding the environment and believe me it would make your jaw drop open in disbelief. Like in Delhi, pollution has reached its highest point. People are dying and are infected by diseases because of this. Life is grim, especially in many industrial towns.

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It’s hard to watch our nature getting destroyed day by day and somehow it’s affecting us only. We just need to bring small changes in our lifestyle. Remember, small steps for man leads to giant steps for mankind, making a huge impact on the big picture.
There are some simple habits that we need to change to make a difference. Nothing new needed to be learned and followed. And you would be proud of yourself for participating in the environment’s protection.
These are as follows:
1- Use compact fluorescent light bulbs:
Though these bulbs are a bit expensive, but they last longer. So along with saving electricity they also help in reducing your electric bills.Also turn off lights and switch when they are not in use or you may unplug the devices also.
2- Transportation:
Wherever possible use more environmentally friendly ways of transportation. Walk, jump, swim, climb. It will not only good for the environment but also for your health.

3- Water –
Don’t let the water run when you are not using it. For example while brushing.Use mugs instead of running pipes for washing your vehicles. It will surely save gallons of water even in a month. Before wasting water unnecessarily jus think of the fact that there is only 3% of pure water approximately available on this planet.

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4- Plant a tree –
Trees clean our air and create oxygen. This is a great way to compensate for the pollution of our environment. And planting a tree would act as natural air conditioning i.e. two problems one solution.

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5- Reduce using unnecessary packaging, bring your own reusable bags. Try replacing plastic wherever possible.Follow the principle of 3 R’s –
Refuse, Reuse, Recycle.


6- Food-
Buy only as much as you need. Don’t waste food, eat only as much as you can eat. This will reduce the burden on natural resources. Buy more organic and seasonal food.

7- Rainwater-
Think of recovering rainwater. This water can be used for different purposes.

8- Reduce the amount of liquid and solid waste in a year. Composting the waste act as natural fertilizer. It is a way easier then we think.

9- Make your home energy efficient and also save money. Get programmable thermostats, clean air filter, a switch off of devices when you are going to bed, etc.

10- Don’t throw garbage anywhere, use dustbins.Donate the clothes you want to get rid off if the are still reusable. Not only will you protect the environment, but you will also contribute to a good cause.

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This is not the end. I have just jotted down the steps which are easier to adopt. And even if you can’t implement this everyday just remember that even the smallest things can make big difference.

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