Ideas which should be incorporated to make Swachh bharat abhiyan a success

Ideas which should be incorporated to make Swachh  bharat abhiyan a success

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With the motive of “Clean India Green India”  prime minister Mr. 
Narendra Modi launched this Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on October 2, 2014, 
at Rajghat,  Delhi. It is India’s biggest cleanliness drive which 
includes all the government workers, with a mission to eradicate 
defecation and make our country hygienic as healthy minds will make 
our country rise and shine.

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But it is not only the duty of only government to keep our India 
clean,  it is our country so every individual need to take initiative 
and come forward in this cleanliness drive.  We,  the people,  are it’s 
the biggest line of defense.  We are the reason it will grow. Because 
it is well said that  ” If we refuse to reuse, it’s  India we abuse”  
and it is in our hands only to stop anyone from commenting on our 
home,  our country.
To make this cleanliness program a success, some efforts and ideas are 
needed to be incorporated.
Before starting with any such program the first question that arrives 
in our mind is the “finance”. How will we get the funds to carry it 
out on a national level. Let me clear this doubt. This program has 
received funding from World Bank,  different state banks and by a 
different corporation as the marks of it being a  social initiative. 
It’s a politics free campaign inspired by patriotism.
But to start any big program we have to start from its root.  We, the 
common people,  can initiate our work from our homes and our 
surrounding environment, starting from the ground level.
For a campaign of such a nature there is a need to create massive 
public awareness, people participation,  action for cleaning our 
homes,  work place,  offices,  school, parks, public places,  etc.

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Some of its objectives are:-
– construction of toilets and using them.
– use of dustbins.
– creating public awareness and use of latrines and public toilets.
– keeping village clean.
– construction of toilets in villages instead of contaminating lands.
– reduce open defecation.
– laying water pipelines in villages. And changing mindest of people 
towards proper sanitation.
– educating people about proper solid,  liquid and waste management.

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Other activities involved in this regard are-
– Real-time monitoring of the toilets constructed under Swachh Bharat 
Abhiyan. It is still in progress.  The government has already started 
advertising about this program among commoners.
– An app named Swachhta-MoUD has been developed which enable citizens 
to let post civic related issues which are then forwarded to city 
corporation and regarded sanitary inspectors.
We can also adopt the strategy of inviting some people telling them 
about the program and asking them to do the same until the message 
reaches to each and every individual as done in the movie “Jai Ho”.

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Every Indian should take a pledge towards cleanliness, take this 
campaign as a challenge and try to make this the biggest success ever.
Before we claim that we should clean this country of corruption,  
poverty, unemployment we should start simply by cleaning our 
community,  parks,  etc which we have ignored so far as cleanliness 
and beauty go hand in hand.
So come on India lets join Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
“Dawa hai hamara Swachh hoga desh hamara. ” .

Clean country is happy  country. 

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Pratishtha Sharma
Being happy never goes out of style.. So be happy

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