10 reasons of female feticide

10 reasons of female feticide

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Female feticide – new cancer ( in society) that is killing mankind. It 
is a selective abortion of child after knowing their gender. 
Especially in a country like India where we get such news 
approximately twice in a week or more. Survey has shown that status of 
female feticide has worsened and has become another serious issue of 
Human’s right. It needs to be removed radically but first, we need 
to know why still in this 21st century many people are still drowned 
in the depth of this evil tradition.
Couples prefer a male child over a female child. Reasons ?
The reason for this is our very own tradition, custom and above of 
all, our rational thinking:
1- The thinking that birth of a male child brings status to the 

A male child is considered as a source of name, fame, and 
money. When the money part is considered, female is considered as a 
burden as one day she has to go to her husband’s home. So people think 
that it is unnecessary to spend money on them.

2- Dowry System.

A tradition which is being followed since past 100 years. But in 
today’s society, the demands of people are increasing day by day and 
which increases the pressure on bride’s side. And this leads to the 
crime against women. They are even physically and emotionally tortured 
to bring in more money. The fear of expenses is making people get 
trapped deeper and deeper in this quicksand.

3- Educational System

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In our patriarchal form of Indian societies, it is believed that male 
child would be working and earning for the family while females have 
to sit at home and do household chores, so it is just waste of time 
and money to be spent on their education.

4- Girls are considered as weak and liability on one’s shoulder.

As it is believed that they are always dependent on others for everything.  

And it is believed that if they can’t protect themselves then the name 
of the whole family is ruined. So just for the reputation and namesake 
of family they are being murdered /killed.

5- Foul medical ethics

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Illegal sex determination with help of ultrasound and termination has 
become a trend. It’s a harsh reality of today’s modern society, that 
(few) doctors themselves are involved in such a heinous crime of 
killing a girl child before their mere existence and that too for 
some lame amount of money.

6- Religious ethics-

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Even the religious roots are biased against females. A male child 
often prefers to sit in the poojas that have been carried out for the 
mere sake of the family. As per Hindu belief, the only son has been 
given right for lighting the funeral pyre which is considered 
necessary for peace of spirts or for their salvation.

7- Gender discrimination
Sons are expected to work in fields, provide income to the family, 
look after their parents, carry forward the name of family, etc. They 
are considered as an insurance policy for the namesake of the family 
while women are looked down regarding everything( be it earning money, 
studies, etc.)

8- Burden on parents regarding the safety of girl child. 

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Incidents against women such as rape cases, abduction, harassment 
cases, domestic violence, trafficking, etc is increasing day by day. 
This is the issue of worry for parents while with a male child, this 
isn’t an issue, which is also a reason for preference of male child 
over a girl child.

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9- Illiteracy 

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It is also a reason behind people commiting such a heinous crime. But again even  the rich and educated people are doing the same. 

10- It is believed that all the money spent on male child would get 
repayed one day as he would be earning for his family while spending 
too much of moneyon women is just wastage of both time and money 
because one day she has to go to her husband’s house.

Although there are many steps that has been taken by government for 
uplifting the status of women in society but no effort will be 
fruitful until and unless the backward thinking and mindset of people 
is changed.
People have to understand that women are no less than a man but they 
are far superior to men.

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