Unpredictable Love

Unpredictable Love

A stop gap in relationship
She looks at him with a misery eyes,
They already made love or have they attempted to.
He seems relaxed and fresh,
Most importantly, satisfied.
Even not noticing her silence or just to ignore it,
Perhaps not knowing the cause.

He is about to leave now,
his monotonous voice
Over the dim light and the fan in the background
In the room with dark of light
And the smell of their sweating bodies.

In her mind, thought comes away,
the only difference between them,
they received the emotions,
The words were not “I Love You”
but the words have ceased to have the same meaning now.
They attempted a fresh love,
without saying I Love You,
they live for each other now.

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Prateesha Singh
Studying Commerce and a freelance Writer, Passionate about writing, especially enjoys the Creativity and Writing, other than writing she loves to read, travel and cook.
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