If I am lost, find me
But do not ask me to come back again and stay.
Sit with me in that lost place where I am sitting too,
You’ll understand why I come here often too,
You’ll find me here with my neverland.

Find me there, but don’t bring me back until and unless I’m ready to come back
Not because I don’t want too, but try too know me a little better
Maybe there we can lost together In my neverland,

Where we will be together,
Where we can freely hug each other,
Where we can show all our flaws and frowns together,
Where we’ll lost ourself in the dreams together.

Just don’t bring me up here
Just hold my hand and live with in my neverland forever.

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Prateesha Singh
Studying Commerce and a freelance Writer, Passionate about writing, especially enjoys the Creativity and Writing, other than writing she loves to read, travel and cook.
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