That’s beyond my budget

 That’s beyond my budget

Now that Apple has triumphantly launched its most awaited product, iPhone 7, it has given a fair shake to the money bags to show how much Gandhi’s note they have but chill guys, you can also buy it; you just have to unload your second kidney because “Pehli kidney to iPhone 6 kharidne me bechdi” and then you can die blissfully.first

iPhone has always been in the limelight due to its extortionate price. People around the world are crazy for iPhone but then there are android lovers who are basically eggheads but poor(LOL).  After the launch of iPhone 7 some people think that iPhone continues to remain overrated, overpriced and stagnated device while other think that Apple sell quality. Being an Indian, it’s always been hard to choose between quality and price (Not that hard, because they always go for SASTA SAMAAN) but relax guys i am not going to make you choose anything. I will just provide you with basic information regarding the brand new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus was successfully launched on 6th of September and is now available for pre order in countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, UAE and many more. There are news that iPhone 7 will also be available in India from October, 7.

iPhone 7 Price 

In the US, the iPhone starts at $649 which is equivalent to ₹43,000 for the new 32 GB entry level variant. Apple has also doubled the storage variant on other models with 128 GB and 256 GB models now rounding up the line up. The 128 GB iPhone 7 costs $749(₹49,750) and the 256 GB model will be available at $849(Approximately ₹56,250)

iPhone 7 plus starts at $769(₹51,000) for 32 GB while for 128 GB, it has been priced at $869(₹57,750) and $969(₹64,250) for 256 GB variant.

iPhone 7 will launch in India at starting price of ₹60,000 for the new 32 GB base storage model. There is no word on the price of other variants in India.


The iPhone 7 and 7 plus are almost identical in appearance to their prototypes, the iPhone 6s and 6 plus. The only difference is that iPhone 7 has no antenna lines. Apple has removed the plastic antenna lines from the back of the device. The radio signals used to pass through the metal casing and reach antennas due to these lines. However, it looks like apple has redesigned the case to get around this antenna lines

iPhone 7 has a 4.7 inch retina HD display while iPhone 7 plus has a 5.5 inch display. The bodies of the phone are made up of aluminium and come in five different colors- Silver, Gold, Rose gold, Black and Jet black. The new jet black finish will be offered exclusively on 128 GB and 256 GB models.



What’s new?

Apple has unveiled its long awaited iPhone 7 which has some brand new features that no iPhone has ever encountered.

A) Water Proof Device

Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have an IP67 rating, which means they are totally protected against dust and can be immersed in water to a depth of one metre. It will also survive a dip in the pot and it wont break if you pour a drink over it but you probably dont want to take it to swimming.

water proof

B) A New Home button

In order to make the device water proof, Apple has redesigned the home button for the brand new iPhone 7. The new solid state home button is more durable and responsive;even though the button doesn’t click in the same way as it did on the old handset, it provides haptic feedback when you touch it.home button

C) Wireless AirPod Headphones


Perhaps the most controversial thing about the new iPhone is that it doesn’t have a headphone socket

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will ship with a pair of wired headphones that plug into the charging port on the bottom of the device, as well as an adaptor for people who want to hang onto their old headphones.

Apple has also launched a pair of wireless headphones, called AirPods, which are available to buy for an additional £159.

D) A Dual Lens Camera 

Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have upgraded cameras.

The iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel wide angle camera, which Apple claims is 60% faster and 30% more energy-efficient than previous models, and has 4 LEDS in the flash.


dual lens

The iPhone 7 Plus has an additional telephoto camera, which together with the standard 12-megapixel wide angle camera offers optical zoom at two times and up to 10 times digital zoom for photos.

That was everything about iPhone 7 and i know that you all hold a strong appetite to buy Apple’s brand new iPhone 7. So guys, hurry up and book your orders. Cheerio.





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