The God within himself [father]

The God within himself [father]

    The day I knew him completely 

Is the day I realised what my world is…

Kept a very little for himself ,

And left everything  for my Well being….

Selfish for his hidden  pains,selfless for his indomitable love …

When at difficulties ,he remained the solution ….

When at failure ,his words were my inspiration ..   

No hero can ever replace him nor any superstars ….

Never expressed him how much do I love him

Let it be through my success and his laurels ……

Just lik the sun to the world 

He himself for me…..

In the process of making me a king

He lost his crown……

And only my tears knew 

the pain behind his smile….

Should I call him a ” hero” 

For all his sacrifices

Or should I call him a ” legend” 

For all his hidden pains…

For I lack of words…

I would term him as “GOD” of my life

for being my life itself…..

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Prashant Rachappa

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