The frozen warrior[no world is ever better than self]

The frozen warrior[no world is ever better than self]

  Success is  never the justification,

Failure, never ever the end….

With desires to achieve ,yet influence by shadows…

Bewellding in the arms of Braves,

Pushing the extremes of life to life’s extremes ….

From sowing happiness to character ,

The personality was built at uncertains ….

Though the journey never paid off,

Yet the steps fallow each other…

With the feeble hope  of gaining something ,

Tht isn’t meant for me….

In the course of race,

Forgot  to  know who actually we are… 

Neither the books not the stories inspired me, 

The very story of mine made me a man I am…..

Not all the things that I see , Is what Perceive ,

Some teaches  me and some  other shatters me down..

Some moulds me and some other uphold me..

In the battle of dreams.,

Hitting hard on my sense…

Waking up “THE FROZEN WARRIOR” within………


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Prashant Rachappa

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