Never I have travelled to..

Never I have travelled to..

Never have I ever voyaged deeply,
Within the Bermuda’s triangle,
Caressing the depths of the scars inflicted, 
Wishing I could be like that Touch Me Not Plant..

One strong gaze is enough to make me quiver,
But yet his delicate touch was sparkling,
Emotions sinking just like the titanic,
Exploring each other souls..

Suddenly, trespassing into no man’s land,
Just then my life drips just like the rain,
The flowers still bloom, The birds still chirp,
Autumn has appeared, yet the Snow shines,
Amidst the chaos of this world, intense fragrance
Continues with it’s History and Captivation,
Binds me with the tricolor of the country,
Rendering Love and War with and for our citizens..

Yet, standing confused in the branched path,
Seeking answers within heaven and hell,
Finding solace within oneself,
Embracing the challenges of LIFE.                     

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Pragya Gupta
An enthusiastic writer and artist, aspiring entrepreneur.
Believe in yourself, and others as well :)
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