Dhinchak Pooja – A philosopher or a Wannabe ?

Dhinchak Pooja – A philosopher or a Wannabe ?

Introduction :-

Miss. Pooja also nicknamed as “Dhinchak Pooja” is an aspiring Singer and Rapper was birthed on 16 December 1993. The Sagittarius born girl who’s an Indian is just 23 years of age, 5 feet and as light as a feather as projected by sources. The brown eyed and haired girl’s favorite pastime is to travel or consume fast food. She believes that the colors black and golden define her aura and personality well. Her social status of where she is from, her family or her relationships remain a mystery to the curious world yet. So many questions remain unanswered among her and the world. She also looks up-to her favorite singers such as Rihanna, Bruno Mars, etc.

  • Songs sung by her ?


The baby-maker became a YouTube sensation hit in 2016 with her song “Sawg wali topi” . But ultimately struck in 2017 with her latest song, “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj”. This led to a lot of chaos and the talk of the world. But, apart from from this controversial issue, if you delve into the deeper side you will observe that Pooja has a philosophical side to her. 

Philosophical Comments over her Twitter Site :-

  • Reactions and Mode of Lyrics ?

Her songs are a basic version of combining background music and sung lyrics just like we combine colors to make an effect. But her version turned out to be the epitome of an horror genre. Some people have found to be going berserk, some get irritated, some laugh at it. After all we are different and would have different reactions towards it. Some people on listening to her second solo, said that “Talentless singer singing the same old frail and screeching lyrics again and again, nothing new!”. They troll her to be a wannabe seeking to do anything that is shit to become famous instead of seeing the brighter points.

  • Social Media Effects ?

If we take a tour over Pooja’s YouTube channel, we find that her first solo has an estimation of 520K views, which calls for the question “Whether people watch anything in their News feed?” or “Whether people just view it just to troll or make memes out of it?”. Most would agree with the second one although, because they find her lyrics truly exaggerating, like for example she pronounced “My hills as Ma HaHills“, which might have either made people laugh or either scarred them. It is however surprising that she managed to clean bowl the likes of “Yo Yo Honey Singh“. 

Whether you like it or not, recently a fake Facebook Event Dhinchak Live Performance‘ was made about her, and a giant population was going for it, until Pooja backfired the rumor.

Her one quote ” Choose me over Arjit Singh” , might have infuriated fans thereby asking the three lined sentence “What a joke?” that was because, although his songs were sad, his voice was pleasing whereas hers was enough to break hopes, hearts and ruin the atmosphere which led to the immense bombed sentence “Sing near the border or in the battlefield“. 

But however while people are busy trolling and making memes out of her, she herself knows what she is getting and her unlimited potential ultimately leading you to be a “April Fool” yourself. She even comes up with a smiley at the end of her comeback for her setback. She sheds her pearls of wisdom through her Twitter account or any Social Media thereby causing her fans to hate and fall for her at the same time. Even girl kids find barbie songs more endearing than her, but truth to behold she has become a hit influence on the young teens.

Kindly Refer the links below for full view source :- 

  1. https://www.facebook.com/2Dhinchak4You/

2. https://www.facebook.com/Dhinchakpooja/?ref=br_rs

  • Benifications even through she’s downvoted ?

But, it has reportedly been found that no matter how much criticism she gets by the people, it only has increased her fame leading to rise in salary income. She even holds a business of selling her songs over iTunes, and some reactions were “Who will waste their money on such fritter?” whereas others were like “Please remove her and her alienated SWAG because the internet can’t handle it anymore!”.

For videos and songs of her kindly refer – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-stzLwoQF_R8Vnfb28d7Lg

  • Physiological Reaction ?

Social Media also offers us the option of “Don’t show notifications” or “Unfollow” option. Also inappropriate comments can be seen or viewed from the screenshots of the shameless people that was posted recently. But, although we all know that we still don’t click on that option. Why? Why send her lewd messages? How is she affecting us? She isn’t coming near us and singing near our ears. That’s called Hypocrisy. If we do something, we should accept the truer facts instead of being a coward. Her lyrics maybe meaningless to others, may not be to Pooja herself. Probability isn’t known, because even after receiving lot of negative comments, she still continues her pursuit

Lewd messages(Refer Facebook sources) – 

In all, respect her for what she does, because she maybe talentless according to others but yet fearless and goal oriented.

Moral – Accept people the way they are or either ignore them. Example – Dhinchak Pooja


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