Perhaps, one day I will live all that I fantasize about today

Perhaps, one day I will live all that I fantasize about today

The closer I get to the Imaginative Universe, the farther away I go from the Physical Mundane World around me. There are a lot of things whose physical absence in my life constantly depresses me. But I will never lose hope. Perhaps, one day I will live all that I fantasize about today. I live for the day when this becomes my reality. But till then, I will pile up a nice long list of all that I don’t have but I desperately want in my life.

I never got my Hogwarts’ letter. I waited for it. Every owl I saw, raised the head of that hippogriff beast in me. Even though I am well past the age the letter is supposed to arrive, I am still waiting.

I am not a Demigod. I am a human. Both my parents are humans. I will never have a Godly power. Not on Water. Not on Wind. Not on Ghosts. Yeah, it is disappointing.

I cannot physically travel between Time and Space. The Doctor doesn’t pick me for his companion to save the world with him. But, I still look up at the night sky, hoping to see the blue box coming to get me.

Nothing Supernatural happens to or around me. Neither am I a Hunter. I don’t even have devil blood in me.

I cannot even fly.

I have never had a Direwolf for a pet.

I don’t have a robot who has a 3-Dimensional pocket.

I have never died and came back to life. I cannot say that I have been to Hell and back and neither can I say that it wasn’t fair to kill me or ask that Did you miss me.

No Old Witch has ever tried to feed me candies and then sacrifice me.

My cupboard has boarded up at the back. It doesn’t open up to another Land.

I have never been a participant of the Hunger Games. ( wait, no, I do not regret this one )

So, yeah, the more I watch and the more I read, the more strongly I feel how adventureless and boring my life is. Yes, I get to experience all these second-hand. But I am still waiting for the day when I will get to experience these first hand.

Perhaps, one day I will aboard the Hogwarts express, which will be bigger on the inside.

Perhaps, one day I will be able to control the wind to make me run faster so that I can leave behind the Old Witch who wants to sacrifice me.

Perhaps, one day I will draw a salt line to keep my direwolf from following me through my cupboard.

Perhaps, one day I will be able to go into another world that is much more exciting than the one I now live in.

Perhaps. One day.

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Pooja Jain
The imaginary is the real I fancy more than anything else.

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