You think your right 

I think I’m right 

You wanted to prove yourself 

I wanted to show your wrong

Fighting with the battles of ego 

We both lost our friendship 

The second I turned back from you 

I realised It was a mistake 

And I know you felt the same 

But the fear of its my fault 

And guilt on my shoulders 

Never let me talk 

Every night I used to talk to you before I sleep

I had my phone in hand 

But why do I feel scared to call you?

Why do I feel my mistake is unforgivable

Looking at my plain roof 

I think things are getting out of hand 

Our bond is breaking 

I silently let a tear out for the fear of losing you 

Our memories flashing through my mind 

Hoping all this is a dream 

We were the best team 

And when I was to let my tears fall

There you were calling me

All you said was “idiot”

I screamed loudly but nothing came out my lips

You kept your promise you never let my tears fall

All I said back was “miss ya”

That was enough to keep us both smiling 

On either side of the phone 

1 hour silently hearing our breaths

Until we are content of not losing each other until death…!!








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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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