Everything was so beautiful
Throwing happiness like confetti
But one day everything changed
For once and forever
My world became dark

Every day my heart used to beat faster
When I hear the ding dong
The monster would be back

I was so in need of love
You put me through hell
And I called it love
It’s not the hurts on the body that hurt

But the wounds on the heart and the scars on the mind
I survived through the abuse.
I will survive through the recovery
Yet still what you did to me haunts every single day

I dint deserve to be treated so
All those lashes and threats I bear

Because I wish you care

That’s the reason I put it with me
Let it destroy me than hurting you

I was always clueless

Why you were so ruthless

But I realised I was nothing but a pain 

And I could never gain 

The happiness which was only my mirage

Little did you think before ruining my blossom life in to an autumn
Where everything is dying yet it is beautiful!

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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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