Scatterd Colours

Scatterd Colours

Staring at this white canvas 

i think about the colours i cant can put onto it

if this canvas is my life

the choice of which colour to choose

started when i dint even have a brush

if brush strokes are the perfections we make

then hand paintings were my remedy

when everything here is supposed be what you feel

then why the restriction of ” You don’t know colour combination”

the child dint even know all these things, all that felt

was the urge to fill that canvas which felt sad without colours

but soon realised that it wasn’t sad it was the happiest

an atrist who could find meaning

looking at the palate of undisturbed colours

this was the life she wished for

to draw and paint till the brain was exhausted of imagination

i may not be the best of my kind

but i love what i do

this is all i remember looking at the last untouched canvas in my box

life had plans to leave things behind

and when i touch the i realise that it succeeded in killing my imagination

i look at my shivering hand holding the brush

down i look 

at the box , the last time i trashed it

still had SCATTERED colours on it

which made me imagine again 

its been 12 hours since and i found a masterpiece 


– one of my few arts above!!!!



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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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