This annoying sound wouldn’t let me sleep in peace…
I sigh and open my eyes to see I’m in hospital. My head hurts I look around to see a doctor reading the designs in machine.

” It was a major accident , there are injuries “, the doctor said to the nurse.

” I have already called his family”, the nurse said.

I tried to speak my voice wouldn’t come out. I saw them walking out in blur.


I kept repeating those words on my head.
My life was about to end in a second. That’s when it came down crashing..

Her eyes…
Her hair..
Her smile…
I suddenly miss her…..

I felt a restless urge to talk to her to propose her. All my fears of losing our friendship, our love moments disappeared. I look around pull all my cables. They felt so light and easy to remove.

I directly went home. Wierd my taxi driver dint take money. I spent the whole night arranging and preparing to propose her. My heart hammered through my chest with each second passing….

The next morning the sun rose brightly.. my head seemed fine. All that mattered was I was alive…


I knocked her door…she dint open for 5 minutes. I came out of her gate sadly..
That’s when I heard neighbours speaking of how she was sad and broken .
She went to cemetery?
Who died? What happened?

I was shocked and confused. I rushed to the cemetery to find everyone left and she was in a black dress weeping her eyes out..

” Hey naya” , I called out enthusiastically

She dint turn..
I called louder this time..
She dint turn again..

I went and put my hand on her shoulder to see who was dead…

The name on stone..
Shocked me for the rest…

It was my name…
I was dead …

I tried telling her I was alive but she couldn’t see or hear me.
I broke down on my knees and started crying…
My life…I watched my love leave with red puffy eyes…

I was just standing there like a statue with no life in me…
Was this my life after death??
I left many things incomplete can I never complete them???

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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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