My lost love

My lost love

I realise it was a mistake to leave you right

Where my heart was quite

But you left me at a height

I can never cite

I always dreamt to be your knight

But you truned out to be a flying kite

Yes you were a cheater all along

When you stole my chocolates

Yes you were a dreamer

Dreaming about us

But you were my dreamer

But the worst part is its no longer MY

You pierced my heart with arrow 

Filled my mind with sorrow

And you want me to swallow

That you were the one supposed to stay

You were never meant to sway

And threw me away for the society to prey

Because you felt it was right

But for me it was a terrible night

You went out of sight

Even though i held you tight

My anger was at highs

Searching for the truth in your eyes

But they truned me into ice

Yet i still try

Because you were my

long lost LOVE before found!


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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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